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4-MPD or 4-methyl-pentedrone

(the admin)


New pentedrone replacement. I personally liked pentedrone, it’s increased alertness, euphoria and it worked as a fine social lubricant. My experiences with regular pentedrone were fantastic. Very little substance needed and you’d be ready for lift off with little or no comedown to speak of unless you’re up for a week. Should be interested to see how this one turns out. is sell it pretty cheap at less than 20$ a gram. I think I might just have to pick some up!



5-MeO-MALT Oxalate appeared on a few vendor sites over the last few days. Nothing’s really known about it yet, says it’s “It’s similar to 5-MEO-DMT”.

Here’s a trip report translated from swedish:

“Male, 75kg

Time: About 3 h.

Description: Very intensive and strong experience down, what I choose to call the MALT-hole. CEV and OEV:s were intensely colored, and very interesting. There was a presence of mindfuck re: perspective on time/space… one minute cold last forever, while next went with the speed of light.

Blood/heart pressure remained stable, not over 185/87, heartrate was at 115bpm during the three hour trip.

About the MALT-hole: Any conception of time and space disappeared, egoloss, and as I reached the bottom of the MALT-hole I didn’t know who or what I – was I human, did i exist in this reality of beautiful CEV/OEV around me?

There was no panic or anxiety for the duration of the MALT-hole, but rather a mystical calm and mysterious harmony which enfolded me. This was a level 5, and that’s why I call it the 5-meo-malt hole.”

Bluelight thread:

Flashback thread: (SWEDISH)


Here are some vendors purportedly selling 5-MeO-MALT:

Diphenidine / Methoxphenidine


New so called MXE replacements. Available on the following vendor sites:

BL threads: – final verdict 9/10

After much deliberation, and much review we have given a score of 9/10. His products were spot on, his delivery was a tad slow but shipping was discrete. Here’s his current stock list:

AMT – alpha-Methyltryptamine



DMC – Larocaine aka Dimethocaine


MPA – Methiopropamine


5-APB – Powder

Etizolam 1mg Pellets

5-APB/6-APB Mixed Pellets

6-APB – The Official Benzo-Fury Pellets

Please check them out. is a pretty rad dude

This came via the postal service today from the nice fellow at Expect reports on all of these featured above. Etilaam (the fucking real kind that comes in a blister pack) is said to be very very good by one ficus.

Shipping:No signature. Shipped from the UK, took about 10 days. Printed shipping labels. Custom’s deceleration said “REAGENT SAMPLE.” 8/10

Here’s some close ups of the benzo fury pellets. They look a bit speckled. Curious…as the good ones I’ve had were defiantly not porous and speckled and didn’t come in two seperate bags, maybe times/batches have changed. We’ll make a final decision if this is real benzo fury or not soon. I found a few mentions of speckled benzo fury and people had a blase, could just have been the differentiation in batch batch. (Link to the bluelight article about the speckled benzo fury tablets.)

(Click to enlarge image)

(Click to enlarge image)

More later… – 6/10 [DRAMA UPDATE]

Got three yellow Pyrazolam pellet and two Etizolam pellets from No Rrl way to tell the source of these (or legitimacy) as there’s constant speculation on sites like Bluelight, but the ficus plant I know just tried two .5mg Pyrazolam pellets. In a dream. About 20 minutes ago. Will update with the effects. This ficus has never had Pyrazolam in it’s life and read a bit up on it. The guy who ran the site seemed pretty cool and fired off some samples for a review.

These vendors need to learn one god damn thing and that’s to use printed labels. Under the “custom’s decleration” he wrote Lab Reference (Refills). But I suppose he wrote very neatly. Not the fastest shipping either. It’s posted as the 18th. Took 10 days. And talk about a small sample. Etilaam1 are <$.50usd a pill and I can’t imagine Pyrazolam isn’t that expensive either as I’ve not heard much about it other than a bit of a let down. I suppose time will tell. I’ll report back later.  Nice guy though. But for the love of christ vendors everwhere. Buy a label maker or use printed labels.

DRAMA UPDATE: The admin who runs the site didn’t like his review and had some explanations. Apparently only paying customers can get a printed label and I etilaam when bought is expensive and there’s no way in hell it could be fake or non-brand name.

Here’s his email, I’m in bold:


Firstly these were samples, we were never going to send dollars (ZOMG!) worth of product to you for free, hence the word ‘sample’. A lot of companies do not send samples at all.

Have you looked at my website at all? Have you? Yeah I don’t get any samples.

All the Etizolam you received were and always will be genuine intas pellets (Not when they don’t come in intas brand blister packs and so continue to be so easy and commonly counterfeited) where did you get the idea they were anything but? (Because it didn’t come in a blister pack, with the company logo and so on)

Yes, the package was hand written. This is because you did not place an order through our system and thus were not on our records resulting in a hand written envelope. We hope you didn’t mind too much.

Read up on how they profile suspicious packages in the countries your vending in read this here,, although your hand writing was very neat, but the customs declarations was just stupid. Don’t ever do that if I can feel pill shapes in an envelope I’m going to suspect it’s not refills for lab stuff. Use your noggin.

All our paying customers receive labelled envelopes with invoices included. We have a perfectly working printer with working labels.

Then why didn’t I get one? Would I have to pay for the sticker it takes 2 seconds to print like you do a few times a day I’m assuming?

If there is anything else we can help you with just lets us know.

Nope. Don’t mean to be harsh bro but these are my critiques. Take then or leave them.


You’re so welcome!



3MMC trip report 200mg, klonopin, 4mg

Please note, this is entirely a wildly vivid dream some bum had on the bus I was riding to Sacramento who woke up and told me all about it in a frenzy. None of this is true. 3-MMC is not for human consumption. Ever. Period. He told me some long legged tarantula told him this story. In his dream.

SWIM was a bit tired when he got home from an eight hour day. Whatever, he sat down at the laptop, looked at the crushed up crystals of 3-MMC on the shiny blue CD-RW, SWIM rolled up a single $1 bill and did a small bump. Its a deeeep burn. The burn isn’t that bad, it’s just kinda sour. SWIM’s heart rate and circulation on the uptick, SWIM jumps on my computer and talk to a few people, harass people on IRC and generally giggle because while SWIM’s not rushing, SWIM’s feeling pretty euphoric.

Snorting anything has never bothered SWIM, so the $1 note was kept rolled next to my laptop, in front of the subwoofer. Listening to dub techno, not so much, maybe its time for some loud South African rave-rap. It seems like SWIM was never learning disabled or SWIM mother cast a long shadow. My mom has only said the N word seven times. SWIM says nigger alot. SWIM is high right now, thanks 3-MMC.

total consumed: 200mg, insufulated.

Total trip: 5-7 hours, brought down by benzodiazipines (klonopin, 4mg) 10/10 came up with an idea. Selling two awesome products at once. Brilliant. When I opened this ominous looking blue packet of what I thought to be just your plain every day blend out came two bags, one, a brilliant white powder some of the whitest, cleanest MXE I had ever seen, the other, a potent 5ur144 blend.

This is an awesome idea, as the two compounds compliment one another greatly. Excellent product, excellent idea. Great shipping and a cool dude. Highly recommended. So much in fact that I’ve decided to place a link to his site on mine. – legit Etizolam source – 7/10

NOTE:‘s terms of service does not allow for human consumption. They are not sold in any way to be consumed by humans and are for research purposes only. The admin only gave me these samples on the condition that I print this disclaimer. 

Received a 5 intas brand etilaam pellets from and they’re the real deal. Excellent customer care, the guy rush shipped out $1.50 worth of etilaam to me just to have it reviewed. Which is awesome. Legit vendor. Products came in a vacuum sealed bag, and packaging was discrete as can be. No blister pack so no pill rattle. No lumps, no bumps. Perfect.

I’m only giving him a lower score because we had to go back and forth through email, me promising him I wouldn’t mention them being for anything other than research before finally my package arrived. He sent $1.50 worth of etilaam. He could have at least sent a blister pack (10). Shit the shipping cost more than the product itself. But reviewers can’t be choosers.

Final word: he’s a domestic source of legit intas etilaam-1 that ships fast with decent prices and group buy. Check him out.

Much like this site, reviews and keeps us up to date on the latest and greatest in the RC scene. They have discussion forums where users can chit chat about vendors, new compounds and warn each other of scammers. The admin’s a nice guy to boot too.

So head on over there for reviews of new compounds and the latest info on the RC scene. – 3mmc review 9/10

Got about a gram of some fine, shardy 3mmc from a Brazilian vendor who has no website, byt can be contacted at This stuff is awesome. Comparable to everyone’s favorite 4mmc. A small bump of maybe 30-40mg was done. Mild burn. Tastes like drone.

After a few minutes, the old euphoric feeling of mephedrone kicked in. Chatty, relaxed, feeling good. Some posters on bluelight compare it to be about 70% the strength of mephedrone and SWIM’ll have to agree having had quiet a long run with very pure mcat himself. Recommended. It’s not grindy like 4mec and every other combination of ethyls and fluros and all these post drone ban cath replacements, nothing’s as good as this one in this talking ficus’s opinion.

Shipping: It came all the way from fucking Brazil, and SWIM had to sign for it, (which SWIM fucking hates) so it took about a week to get here. No biggie. What does one expect? Vacuum sealed, but a hand written label (ugh, docking a point for that) but it came in a discreet small envelope no one would be any the wiser to. No smell, no weird lumps.

Customer service: I’m assuming that this dude’s first language isn’t English but he was pretty easy to communicate with. Friendly too. Eager to send me a sample.

Product: A+. A fucking plus man.

This should go without saying, but have some benzos on hand for the come down. Like all stims. – out of stock

After a quick email with the admin, sounds like n2p0 is out of Flubromazepam for the next 2-4 weeks. That sucks.


However there are other sources:

Think I got the last 60 caps of flubromazepam

Got a friendly email from the Admin confirming that Ficus Religiosa’s order went through. There still might be stock remaining so hurry before our friends at n2p0 are totally out. In other news, is the 11th result on google for flubromazepam. Lucky house plant are we. 🙂

Possible new domestic Etizolam source –


Got an email from Landon (who started the site to pay for help pay for  medschool) about doing a review of his product etilaam1. Gave him a call to discuss the terms and he’s agreed to send me some INTAS brand etilaam to review. Score. Cool dude too.

His rate is 100x1mg for $79. Pretty god damn good deal if you ask me, less than a buck a pill for a benzo that’s totally legal in the states. And he’s domestic which is rare so no more shipment seizures. He’s just run out of stock right now, the but I think I may have found my new regular supply of etilaam. He has some other worthwhile products, like their 800mg INTAS brand Piracetam oh and Phenibut too.

I’ll post my review when I do get these strips.

Update: Talked to Landon again as he was shipping my sample and he said due to a holiday and increased business he’s a bit backed up (he’s just had his 500th customer) but has more etilaam en route. He also upgraded shipping my sample to overnight for free. So far, customer service has been pretty damn good if you consider the fact that I’m pretty much just asking for free stuff. This guy will do you right.  If you’re interested or have any questions shoot him an email at:

later. sent me some love !UPDATE! Rating: 8/10


A legal highs company out of the UK that sells various “party powders” “smoking blends” and “party pills”  agreed to send me a sample of one of their product more popular products called Summer Love. I’m usually pretty leery of branded research chemical pellets, because Christ on a cracker who knows what the fuck might be in them, but the reviews looked good and I thought what the hell. I’ve done worse things in the name of science.


These look like regular medium sized green pills without a stamp of any sort. I’ll report back later on my plants findings.


After feeding plant 1 tablet very early in the morning, it tells me they feel simply amazing an hour or so later. Would recommend to other house plants. Seems to be some resemblance to 6-apb/5-apb but with something else it cant quiet put its leaf on. Very clean. Very euphoric but my plants don’t feel overly energetic. My plants are content with sitting and listening to music but it could see itself dancing, whooping it up and being obnoxiously fun in the right environment. Waves of euphoria come and go. Music sounds blissful.

These aren’t cheap. 10 pills for $160. My ficus wouldn’t pay THAT much when he could acquire the much better things, but alas these two were free and very good. So if you have some money to spend on some decent research pellets, check these out.


Ficus Religiosa

Broken English Commenter tip: where to get good 6-apb

Bradlaikn ( who runs a similiar vendor review site such as mine left quiet an insightful comment about the 6-apb at In broken english.

I visit on your recommened online store. In the store 6-APB original research chem stock are available in the huge amount. price offer by them is also very attractive.‘s current SoS rating is a 9, with only one vendor commenting on the high quality of the ethylphenidate he bought, So, if you’re in the market for check them out,

Etizolam review –

Got some etizolam today from According to reports, it’s a very relaxing,  sedatives, thienodiazepine. It’s currently not scheduled in the states so, get on that. shipped in a hurry, product was sealed and placed in a padded envelope mailing container shipping from the EU with no obvious “pill rattle” to speak of. Staff was friendly as hell and their generousness really impressed me. They have a plethora of other RCs. Legit source. Would recommend to a friend.

One thing worth noting, their etizolam comes in two pill forms. One is an oblong pink pill with a  line in the center, and the other is the tablet with a line in the center. Both are the same dosage pictured above. So yeah, check out for your RC needs (THANKS GUYS!!!)



Further reading:

MMAI, Better than MDMA?


Yeah right….

After finding a source supposed source of MMAI online (several actually). Some have made claims that it’s better than MDMA. A few vendors seem to be carrying it, I’m contacting the below asking for samples. Here’s a list of those who are supposedly carrying it. (SOS RATING 1) (SOS rating 7.67) (N/A) (SOS ratinig 1) (N/A) (N/A)

I’ve bugged them with emails asking about it tonight but nothing yetThis compound sounds interesting though. I’ll keep you guys updated.

I’ll wait a few days before declaring this all FUCKING BUNK. 

Waiting on…’s etizolam

Ficus Religiosa sent away for some samples of etlaam from the Admins of through the kindness of their hearts they are sending me somthing like 90 etilaam/etizolam pellets. From what I’ve gathered at other vendors, non-blue pellets of etizolam tended to be 2mg,