quimicos.cientificos@gmail.com – 3mmc review 9/10

Got about a gram of some fine, shardy 3mmc from a Brazilian vendor who has no website, byt can be contacted at quimicos.cientificos@gmail.com. This stuff is awesome. Comparable to everyone’s favorite 4mmc. A small bump of maybe 30-40mg was done. Mild burn. Tastes like drone.

After a few minutes, the old euphoric feeling of mephedrone kicked in. Chatty, relaxed, feeling good. Some posters on bluelight compare it to be about 70% the strength of mephedrone and SWIM’ll have to agree having had quiet a long run with very pure mcat himself. Recommended. It’s not grindy like 4mec and every other combination of ethyls and fluros and all these post drone ban cath replacements, nothing’s as good as this one in this talking ficus’s opinion.

Shipping: It came all the way from fucking Brazil, and SWIM had to sign for it, (which SWIM fucking hates) so it took about a week to get here. No biggie. What does one expect? Vacuum sealed, but a hand written label (ugh, docking a point for that) but it came in a discreet small envelope no one would be any the wiser to. No smell, no weird lumps.

Customer service: I’m assuming that this dude’s first language isn’t English but he was pretty easy to communicate with. Friendly too. Eager to send me a sample.

Product: A+. A fucking plus man.

This should go without saying, but have some benzos on hand for the come down. Like all stims.