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benzo-fury(dot)me(dot)uk shut us down for a day

Got an email from regarding a recent post about the shady as fuck new product from benzo-fury(dot)me(dot)uk that from what the owner had told me was 150mg of diphenhydramine, an anti-histamine, sedative and anticholinergic found in sleep aid in liquid form shot type thing that comes in different flavors. This is the shady shitty “get fucked up on anything” product development thought process that doesn’t need to happen and is going to cause a lot of problems. This dude’s making stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks and he’s doing it with shitty ass branded products and mystery powders. Not cool man. Some genius is going to slam 4 of these and have a bad fucking time. Diphenhydramine is not fun at high doses. Here’s a link to the product:

According to some sample analysis their “MMAI” (which I posted about earlier) conatined the following: Caffeine (duh), methiopropamin (vanilla stimulants like methamphetamine withouth any euphoria), 3-tfmpp (fuck pipes) and methylphenidate (Ritalin). Here’s the lab report (in German..) from a harm the harm reduction group

Ask them to remove it by contacting them (or don’t buy their shit and tell others not to, duh) here: or email them:

Shots of DPH, be careful fuckers.

A new, albeit extremely strange trend has emerged in the legal high market. This time, it’s a sleep aid in a test tube or a shot like the ever popular 5 hour energy drink, probably some mysterious fruit flavor to cover the chemical taste. Except is has the exact opposite effect your usual energy shot has. Sedation. The potential unintended victims? Ruckus  groups of youths known as “lets get fucked up on like whatever”. Members of these packs usually have stories about the time they took four tubes of dramamine and almost died but they “tripped so hard” as they were being pumped full of charcoal and had to have their stomachs pumped multiple times. These specimens I’m speaking of, are usually between 18 and whatever, and some way or another, have extra income. And you know what they spend it on? What every young person spends their hard earned extra cash on you dumb ignorant slut. Getting fucking high. Which I’m all for. But in a sensible manner.

Well, luckily some online gray market research chemical sellers, online head shop owners, and legal high dealers have unintentionally answered these guys’ prayers and discovered an already prevalent compound which was totally legal. Entirely legal worldwide, legal to consume, to sell and (now!) comes in fruity flavors! Oddly enough it’s been commonly used safely within reasonable doses, there’s tons of research for probably (I’m really guessing here, I don’t really know but it’s probably true) hundreds of years. The same old “Is it legal/isn’t it legal cat and mouse game” is now a non-issue.

Normally, what you had to do was find a bag of white powders sold as “research chemicals” or silly things like “plant feed”, “fertilizer”, “bath salts”, “bong cleaners”, “lense cleaners” etc. Herbal aromas with names which hinted at the buyer that this obviously got you stoned as fuck but never outright saying it. Usually bought in a head shop or online to be hand delivered inside thick padded envelopes from a far off countries like Hungary to a nervous college kid in a drug rug. It was all stupid and kitche, and goofy names were given, but it got you fucking high as balls. All of the herbal blends and bags of powder had big stickers and warnings that said NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION or some variation of that, I guess that somehow made it legal as there’s no law banning whatever might be active in it. The law simply can’t keep up as these compounds can be manipulated as to counter new legislation VERY easily. One case that comes to mind was 6-apb and 5-apb being banned Labs were pumping out 5-MAPB in…weeks probably. Consuming it however, which it’s obviously fucking intended for and feels awesome mind you, is probably totally fucking illegal and could probably land you in jail.

But this new product I’m going on about, is dubbed ‘DPH’ and ‘DHM’ that typically comes in capsules or in a colored liquid vial. It isn’t being sold under the guise of any legal trickery. It’s not rim cleaner like GBL, it’s not window shiner, or bong cleaner like some “research pellets of 2cc” I’ve seen in the UK nor is it air freshener like how smart shops first sold Methylone. It’s sold as a liquid sedative, plain and simple.

It’s not some obscure totally-untested-but-legal-I-guess-it-gets-me-high cannabinoid mixed with acetone and damania leaf in a big glass mixing bowl (or whatever they use, I wouldn’t fucking know. narc.) in your roommates bath tub. And it doesn’t conjure scenes of a bath salt bagging assembly line, in a trailer house where wild eyed rednecks weigh up equal parts a-pvpwhatever wtih god knows what.

We’re talking about the active fucking chemical in Benadryl an anti-histamine and, a pretty effective sleep aid, for the most part, It’s safe as shit as far as I’ll say, within reasonable dose ranges. I’ve taken it many a time to help myself get in the 25-200mg range for sleep. Worked pretty well and the only real side effect was the grogginess the next day and odd visual distortions in the frames of doors and the edge of walls jiggling…slightly bending a little for a split second, nothing nerve wracking or too disturbing and feeling a bit of mental fogginess.

From what I’ve learned by chatting with one vendor is that the dosage of these vials are 150mg each. That’s a fair bit but not a HUGE dose by most standards and should put you out I’ll give you that, or help a fellow come down from a coke binge. Whatever. I’m not your mom. But, let’s say someone who had the same mentality as I did when I was 14 and (I have actually done this. Intentionally) was all like “OH FUCK YEAH LET’S GET FUCKED THE FUCK UP!!!!11”, taking roughly 600mg of Diphenhydramine. That’s four of these, easily sipped tubes of fruity liquid. So for sure someone will. And you know what? They’re going to have a delirious, disorienting, sometimes frightening, blackout trip where faces in the wood grain in your shitty apartment pop out at you and you see spiders that aren’t fucking there. You’re going to sweat and shiver and can’t get into a comfortable position. Everything’s weird. Breathing is abnormal. Your heart races. Thought process is totally fucking random. It’s not enlightening (to me at least, never met anyone who thought it was), you’re paranoid and struck with fear for no fucking reason. You close your eyes and you’re floating in nothingness yet getting pulled in different directions. You tingle. Uncomfortably. It seems the only benefit, the closed eyed visuals you do get aren’t..anything worth looking at. It’s a weird blur of color and shit. It’s a fun kaleidoscopic in your grey area. It’s your brain melting This isn’t fucking good for you. Some have likened it to a datura experience. What I’m getting at here is, know what the fuck you’re getting into.

Here’s a few links to erowid’s entries on DPH.